Here is a list of my graduate students and their research:


Larry Tackett 2012-2014 “A petrographic analysis of the relationship between porosity and organic matter in the Phosphoria Formation of northeastern Utah.”

Roger Miller 2013-2016 “The lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation of eastern Utah: A comparison with the coeval Burro Canyon Formation, including new measured sections on the Uncompahre Uplift

Chris Ward 2014-2016 “Sedimentary and stratigraphic analysis of the late Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, and the occurrence of late Cretaceous dinosaurs in northeastern Utah

Cody Watkins 2014-2016 “Hydrocarbon and CO2 Emissions from Soil Surfaces in Uinta Basin, Utah

Emily Keller 2014-current “Characterization of the Morrison Formation and Cedar Mountain Formation Contact in the Island Park Quadrangle


I’ve served on the Graduate Committees for the following students.

Colleen Jones (PhD) 2012-2014 “Biogeochemistry of Selenium in Pariette Wetlands, Utah”

David Richey (MS) 2011-2012 “Fault zone architecture and controls of fault permeability and fluid migration pathways: An outcrop analysis of the Iron Wash fault, southeastern Utah.”

Santi Flores (MS) 2012-2013 “Deformation characterization at caprock/reservoir interfaces San Rafael Swell, Utah: Implications for reservoir leakage”

Heidi Pearce (MS) 2011-2012 “A study of the bioherms of the early Ordovician Garden City Formation and a literature review of early Ordovician organic buildups.”

Colter Davis (MS) 2013-current “Sequence Stratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy, and Biostratigraphy of Lower Ordovician units in northeastern and western central Utah: Regional Implications.”

Ibrahim Zallum (MS) 2015-current Studying Cambrian Paleontology in Nevada