43 thoughts on my 43rd birthday

1) Try to trap every moment, before they all run off into the dark wilderness.

2) Be caged not by bars, but the pillar held up to prevent the collapse upon those you love.

3) When passion leaves your life, replaced it by the sweetness of your offspring.

4) Depression may stab at you with loneliness, shield yourself with illusions of perfection.

5) Hunt the mysteries of life, but beware the boredom that crushes between the unknowns.

6) Splash color in the afterlife, by painting beautiful things in life that will outlast body and soul.

7) Greed infects everyone, so remember that life is not a competition.

8) The power of survival is knowing you can live on nothing, and still be happy.

9) Never trust a rich man or woman, as their money comes from crushing and grinding of souls.

10) While alive, really look. I mean really really look at things, because they soon will be gone.

11) The only thing you can count on in life, is that it will change.

12) Be grateful, as gratefullness will lead you to happiness.

13) Anxiety is only a state of mind, like a monster in a closet it is not to be feared.

14) Understanding only comes from looking through every window of possibility.

15) Place the things that you want to remember in the cabinet of your ideal home.

16) Looking into a person’s eyes forces you to listen with your ears.

17) Fall in love with everyone, but guard your heart from those that don’t reciprocate.

18) Be true to yourself, by what you find joyful, rather than from retribution.

19) Prove yourself wrong, by doing what you previously told yourself you can’t do.

20) We are only truly imprisoned by our thoughts, if you think free thoughts you are free.

21) Each corner of the room, is far more interesting than the center.

22) If you bestow love on someone, love will be bestowed on you.

23) Hug your enemies as it will confuse them.

24) Use anger to push yourself beyond your own limits, but never to harm another.

25) Envy is the root of bitterness, sweeten life only with gratefulness.

26) Propaganda is everywhere, so beware of both support and opposition to your beliefs.

27) Most people just want your money, guard it with intelligence.

28) Failure is the greatest thing you can achieve in life, so do it often.

29) Demons in our lives can only be defeated by the faith that we can defeat them.

30) Be silly, because with billions of other people on the Earth, you can get away with it.

31) Practice, practice, and practice, but take time to also play.

32) If you want to be a better expert, try teaching it to others.

33) Treat your body as an expensive sports car, drive it fast once a while, but keep it well-polished and in the garage too.

34) Give yourself a break once awhile, living is much harder than being dead.

35) Learn how to stop time, by listening and seeing what is around you.

36) Surround yourself with great minds, read books rather than posts on the internet.

37) Music is the string that pulls you through life, listen to it every day.

38) You must destroy the universe to go back in time, so use the present as best as you can.

39) List your goals remembering to include fun things for just yourself.

40) Allow yourself to fart once awhile. No one is perfect.

41) In order to make your dreams reality, sometimes it is o.k. to change reality itself.

42) Frustration is the greatest wall in front of you, erode that wall with perseverance.

43) Be steadfast in your convictions, even if they lead you to death.